Creativity is born of authenticity...

“4 Savours Menus for 4, foie gras and lobster appetiser, a turbot and a pigeon coming up for table 20”... welcome to fine dining!


Chef Christophe Vernay, born in an atmosphere of aromas and raised on the inviting dishes of his grandmother Gisela Bach, made the rounds of France’s finest dining establishments, with a final stop at Auberge de l’Ill in Alsace, before returning to the place where he grew up.


This maestro qualifies his cuisine not as new but as “up-to-date”.He maintains the local recipes that have made the reputation of the House across the generations while adding a blend of new flavours apt to surprise the palate.

Unusual and unique, he loves surprises, including reinterpreting “L’homme à la moto”...

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